Sana Café is an eatery focused on healing food. Located inside boutique lifestyle centre myUTOPIA, Sana offers her guests an atmosphere to eat, to work, to restore and to play, in no particular order. Sana, derived from the Italian verb sanare which means to heal, directly translates to she heals.

Being a part of a women-driven space, there was no other name more fitting. The café’s menu boasts plenty of balanced meals. There are diet-specific options available, including vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free treats. This applies to both the ordered food as well as the snack and coffee bar.

The coffee bar uses Giovanni’s Deliworld’s coffee and homemade almond milk is made fresh every morning.

Sana also offers Giovanni’s top-selling juices and salad bowls. On top of that, the fridges stock Thank Goodness Food’s popular millionaire shortbread and bounty bars, as well as her own homemade granola bowls for those busy mornings.

There is a specials menu board behind the coffee bar that is updated with each week. Depending on the weather and what the owner feels like cooking, two to three fresh specials are added and if there is a firm favourite it will be included in the following season’s official menu.

So yes, bagels have made the cut.

Sana provides a pre-order system where you can order breakfast and lunch for a specific time (in other words, right after your yoga class) or even the day before for your corporate meals. You can email the owner to find out more about this and discounts are offered upon a minimum spend.

So, no more stressing about that pre-packed work lunch Waterfront friends — Sana has you covered. And FYI,  delivery in the area is currently being organised!

In a delicious nutshell, Sana Café is your wholesome haven that will cater to your every need (whether it’s a plate of sweet potato chips, a vegan brownie or a simple, ol’ chicken mayo toastie).

About The Owner

Gabriella Esposito is no stranger to the food and health industry. Her father founded the acclaimed Giovanni’s Deliworld in Green Point and instilled in her a rich love for food and cooking. 

Her personal culinary journey began in 2012 when she launched her online bakery called Bake By Gabriella. At the time she was studying photography at Ruth Prowse in Woodstock and chose to focus on food photography during her final year.

Upon the completion of her diploma, she had a successful online bakery, a regular slot on the SABC 3 Expresso Morning Show and two fitness shows under her belt. Yes, you read that right — fake tan, sparkling bikinis, the works.

During her studies, Gabi fell in love with the health and fitness community, which sparked an interest in her to compete where she placed in both International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) beach bikini shows. More importantly, she found inspiration for her next business venture: protein ice-cream.

In 2014, together with her business partner Jarred Plu’g, she launched Skinny Scoop protein ice-cream – a delicious, no added sugar, frozen dessert that fits anyone’s macros, is low in carbs and is made the traditional Italian way. Gabi and Jarred sold the business at the end of 2017 when they received an offer from established investors.

In her free time, Gabi heads up the photography side of Eat Magazine, an online publication launched by local food and travel blogger Megan Daniels. She is also an honoured member of FitKey and still keeps her regular slot on the Expresso Morning Show.

Exercise and health is a massive part of Gabi’s life. She is a proud vegetarian and enjoys designing delicious and interesting veggie meals that fit her macros and fitness goals. These can be found on the Sana specials menu board.

This year, alongside her vision for Sana Café, Gabi is co-launching another business with myUTOPIA owner and entrepreneur Sandi Dekker. The 10-Day program Detox In A Box is all about restoring your gut health and balancing out the stress that occurs in your mind and body. The boxes contain ingredients and curated recipe cards that allow for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, using recyclable packaging and offering online support.

Gabi’s vision for Sana is to create a beautiful place for the busy individual who needs a safe space to work, drink coffee, socialise and, of course, to eat. She invites you to come for a meal, to join her for a vinyasa class or for a quick coffee and conversation. 

Eat Magazine: www.eatmagazine.co.za

myUTOPIA: www.myutopia.co.za

Detox in a Box: www.detoxinabox.co.za (coming soon)

Giovannis: www.giovannisdeli.co.za